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Our safety culture

“Thermoclean is committed to being a premier provider of window cleaning and maintenance services to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors…”

Of prime importance in meeting our goal, is the health, safety and welfare of our employees and those that may be affected by our operations, together with the protection of the environment in which we operate.

We regard these as our core business values which separate us from our competitors.

In recognition of these values, its successful implementation is dependent upon the commitment of all our employees sharing the Company’s vision of an injury-free workplace and protection of the environment.

Professional standards

To achieve these objectives we :

  • Comply with applicable statutory legislation/standards and will establish appropriate standards incorporating best industry practice.
  • Identify, document, prioritise and periodically review the principal health, safety, welfare, social and environmental risks associated with each operation’s activities. Thermoclean will develop and monitor plans to eliminate or reduce identified risks as low as reasonably practical.
  • Encourage all members of staff to contribute whenever the opportunity exists to improve its organisations’ performance in the management of health, safety, welfare and the environment.
  • Through this policy, we have a “stop the job” methodology, which confirms that all members of staff undertaking operational tasks have the right and obligation to immediately call for the task to be halted if a new or unexpected hazard is identified. A task re-evaluation shall be undertaken prior to the re-commencement of the work scope.
  • Not undertake operations unless satisfactory means of controlling hazards have been identified and implemented through risk assessment and safe working methods format.
  • Maintain regularly scheduled on-site audit programs to review current operations, practices and procedures to ensure the continued effectiveness of the management system.
  • Provide awareness, training, instructions and supervision, as required to support the programs in various areas of the Company’s operation.
  • Establish health, safety, welfare, social and environmental targets to drive continuous improvement within the Company.

Safety Accreditation

Our on-site specialists are trained and have attained accreditation in the following safety courses

  • Working at Heights
  • Confined space entry
  • Risk assessment
  • Maritime safety identification Card holders (for Port and Waterfront access)

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