House Washing Brisbane

Your home is your greatest asset… Is it looking tired, mouldy or dirty?… Restore the appearance of your property today.

Thermoclean is redefining the external cleaning process with continual improvement and investment into the latest technology, providing you our customer, with excellent results.

Poorly maintained facades are detrimental to the overall appearance of a building and can potentially pose health risks or damage existing surface coatings. Your external walls, fascias, gutters, and verandahs are constantly facing the elements, where they are subject to wear, dust, mould and pollution.  Unsightly staining can occur if left unchecked but the good news is that we have the expertise, equipment and knowledgeable staff to revitalise your home’s exterior.

  • Add instant kerb appeal.
  • Add $$$ to the value of your home.
  • Extend the life of your paintwork.
  • Cost effective. No need for expensive height access equipment, we pass the savings on to you.
  • Low-pressure delivery system that won’t damage your building’s exterior.

We are often asked about the difference between pressure washing and soft washing. Our preferred method is to use soft washing techniques to remove grime, mould, and staining from your properties exterior.

The soft wash process is based on a low-pressure application of soaps and mild anti-fungal solution to sanitise the building’s exterior. This is gentler to the surface material, non-invasive and will kill any mould prior to being rinsed with the low-pressure water. This method is proven to be the most effective method for mould removal and provides a deeper longer lasting clean.

High-pressure washing is not suited to many building materials and relies on brute force to dislodge grime and mould. This can potentially damage the exterior, drive water between surfaces, damage expansion joints and more importantly, fails to kill mould by leaving behind microscopic algae and fungi, which will redevelop.

Soft washing benefits and advantages

  • Most advanced Softwashing Equipment available: Fewer chemicals required
  • Environmentally friendly: Use half the water of traditional high pressure cleaning
  • Superior water based bio-degradable solutions: Safe for the home, family, pets and landscape
  • Low pressure delivery at 60-100PSI: No high pressure damage
  • Electric delivery 240 motor: No noise pollution


Our house washing process:

  • Our on-site crew will inspect your property to ensure all windows are closed, soft furnishings are removed and identify all power points, light fixtures, and electrical items. Fixed installations will be covered where applicable.
  • The building will first be treated with a mild soft wash solution and permitted to dwell ensuring deeper penetration and kill any organic matter.
  • The building is then thoroughly rinsed using low-pressure water. Stubborn stains may require hand scrubbing and further treatment, using our specifically designed carbon fibre poles and flock head brushes.
  • Our truck mounted soft wash skid utilises 75m of treatment hose, which is normally sufficient to cover the perimeter of the building.
  • Requirements on-site: Water and external power supply.