Roof Cleaning

“Keeping your property well maintained is essential for your peace of mind, adds kerb appeal and ultimately adds $$$ to your home.”

Safe, Gentle and Effective Roof Cleaning services:

If you’re looking for a roof cleaning solution that won’t damage, loosen, or move roof tiles, our soft washing technology is it. Our safe, long-lasting methods are tried and tested and provide excellent results, so if you are looking for the best in roof cleaning services, Thermoclean has the solution for you.

We specialise in cleaning all types of roofing materials, including terracotta, colorbond and cement tiles. Every roof is different and our on-site specialists will access the most suitable treatment to provide, you the customer, with the best possible result at a competitive price.

We are often asked what are the causes of roof discolouration.

Typically, there are various forms of staining and organic growth which discolour and potentially damage your roofing material. These are usually airborne before settling on the roof and include dust particles, pollution, tree “soot” and organic matter.

Organic growth includes Lichens, which are not actually individual organisms, but a symbiotic colony of fungus paired with either green alga or cyanobacteria. Once settled, they become invasive attaching themselves through Rhizines to the roof structure. Terracotta tiles and Colorbond are particularly susceptible to Lichen attack and whilst not as damaging to Terracotta, causes paint removal in Colorbond thereby potentially shortening the lifespan of your roof.

Our Process: Fast results that continue over time

  • Once on site, we conduct a full risk assessment to ensure the safety of our crew and the environment. All our specialists are trained in working at heights and fully certified.
  • We will divert any pipework to your rainwater tanks if required.
  • We will soft wash your roof using only the best surfactant and chemical solution. Our low-pressure delivery system is designed to dose the roof in a gentle manner. This kills all organic matter clinging to the roof and a number of applications may be necessary to loosen the material prior to being rinsed. The Thermoclean system is tried and tested and will leave your roof clean and matter free. Our dosing solution also slows the return of lichen, leaving your roof cleaner for longer.
  • We also offer the benefits of high-pressure cleaning and will discuss what option is best to ensure excellent results.
  • On completion, we will provide you with a verbal report of your roof condition, identifying any broken or cracked tiles, condition of paint coating and status of your ridge capping and pointing. We also offer a tile replacement service at extra cost if required.

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