School Grounds Cleaning Brisbane

Scheduled external cleaning is an essential element in providing a safe and effective method for protecting the large capital outlay in school facilities. Regularly planned school external cleaning and maintenance, not only prevents a build-up of grime, dirt, mould but ultimately reduces the overall life-cycle cost of the building.

Thermoclean has invested in the latest technology and equipment to provide ongoing support to schools, educational facilities and government departments in assisting with developing, implementing and conducting external cleaning programs.

Our range of services include:

Hot and cold high-pressure water blasting suitable for all external hard surfaces. Remove slip hazards, organic growth, and staining while adding to your schools’ presentation.

External window cleaning for all those difficult high access glass. We have invested in the latest hot pure water delivery system, with the ability to reach up to five stories from the safety of the ground, providing you with savings on height access equipment.

Roof and building facade cleaning using the latest in soft washing techniques delivered through low-pressure pumps, ideal for removing mould and organic growth, whilst not damaging the surface material.

Tennis court and external hard sport surface cleaning, using a combination of cleaning techniques to restore your hard surfaces, with optimum results.

Thermoclean provides a cost-effective solution to all your external school cleaning needs, call us today for an obligation free quote on 1300Hotwash or 0415124682 or fill in our contact form for a rapid response to your enquiry.