Solar Panel Cleaning

Thermoclean offers Solar Panel cleaning using the latest in heated pure water technology.

With a significant increase in renewable energy sources, it is important to protect your investment as well as maintaining its performance.

Did you know that dust, organic growth, and pollution can dramatically cut solar panel power output?

Solar panels are self-cleaning to a degree, but as dust or lichen grows on the surface light is restricted to reaching the solar cell, therefore, reducing its conversion capacity and in turn, not work to maximum efficiency.

Manufacturers recommend that non-abrasive cleaning be conducted at regular intervals to maintain peak performance.

It is recommended that cleaning with detergents is to be avoided, as it can leave a microscopic residue that ultimately attracts dirt and grime. Thermoclean has invested in the latest hot pure water system which is safe, effective and will leave your panels sparkling clean without any mineral deposits, as found when using tap water.

A thorough clean by one of our staff will ensure that your investment is maintained at peak optimum efficiency.

Access an issue? Thermoclean can provide a safe effective solution to your needs.

We cater for all solar panel cleaning from residential, commercial, agricultural, to large-scale solar farms.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Why clean your solar panels regularly?

  • Maximise the efficiency and gain optimum performance
  • Maintain your return on investment
  • Protect your warranty as per manufacturers recommendations

Why choose Thermoclean for your solar panel cleaning?

  • Chemical Free
  • 100% Hot Pure de-ionised water
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Working at heights accredited

How much does it cost?

Prices are quoted based on the number of panels in your system and whether your house is single or double story.

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