School Grounds Cleaning

Why Cleaning School Grounds Is Important

Australian schools are more than just educational facilities. A child’s schooling lasts for 13 years from preparatory to secondary. These schools prepare a student for their life ahead educate and instruct a child how to grow and thrive.  Each day they arrive at school and spend majority of their day on the school grounds, using classrooms, playgrounds, toilets, and common areas. It is extremely important that these areas are thoroughly clean and hygienic and Thermoclean will do the job.

Students especially the younger ones play outside during lunch and recess break time, quite often they sit on the ground playing or socialising. Knowing your child is in a clean environment is important to any parent or guardian. This can be achieved with Thermoclean the External Cleaning Specialists.

Thermoclean uses the latest technology with hot and cold high-pressure water blasting. This will ensure suitable cleaning for all external hard surfaces in and around the school.  Thermoclean removes dirt, grime and toxins fro walkways, sports grounds and any area around a school, which can cause a health hazard to students and staff.

The students and staff working and learning are entitled to a safe and clean environment. With Thermoclean the benefits are immense the team are professional and efficient working within a time frame with the latest equipment the job will be completed with the utmost care.

Our high-pressure water cleaning is perfect for those hard to reach areas especially around a school we can reach up to five storeys from the ground, this will save on scaffolding equipment.  We also have excellent equipment to clean windows and restore hard surfaces back to their original appearance.

It is important to check and maintain hygiene within a school. Thermoclean offers regular maintenance for schools to guarantee that students and staff within a school environment are learning in a healthy clean setting.

Thermoclean offers an economical solution to all your school exterior cleaning requirements.


School Grounds Cleaning Process

Thermoclean utilises hot and cold high-pressure water that is sprayed by a strong force ideal for removing grime, dirt or residue from external hard surfaces. High-pressure water cleaning diminishes any danger from potential slips by students, mould growth and any staining which can reduce the aesthetic of your school.

Thermoclean provides external window cleaning for all those difficult and hard to reach the glass. We have invested in state of the art technology to ensure your glass structures are looking their best. Our hot pure water delivery system will reach up to 5 stories high all from the ground foundations, this will provide you with cost savings on equipment for height access.

Your school roof and building façade cleaning will use the latest technology which provides your commercial property with soft washing techniques, this is delivered through low-pressure pumps, which are suitable for removing mould and bacteria, all while protecting the material of your surface.

Thermoclean strives to create a safe and clean environment for students, staff and families. The latest technology is to ensure your school grounds look great which will increase the appearance and value.

Thermoclean have the latest technology along with years of experience to ensure your school grounds are always looking their best. Contact Thermoclean and one of our friendly team members to assist you with school grounds cleaning.


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